Managed Services

About Managed Services


As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Rymax assists you and your organization to improve your operations, become more efficient and cut expenses. With Rymax Managed Services you can outsource the responsibility for maintaining your IT systems, infrastructure and processes.

Think of our Managed Services as a support pillar to complete non customer facing operations and tasks which are critical for your organization's success.


Rymax Managed Services bring to your organization the experience, expertise, and knowledge that will allow for greater accuracy and reduced risks and liabilities, especially since compliance with government regulations and industry standards will be addressed. We have the technology and resources needed to enhance efficiencies by streamlining processes and procedures. This can allow for greater visibility and more insight, which in turn can lead to better decision making based on real-time data, information and analysis.

After an in depth analysis of your systems, Rymax builds a custom solution based on your unique needs followed by on-going maintenance and support. You and your in-house staff can focus on the tasks that will drive revenue and profits to produce growth, instead of dealing with the trivial day-to-day activities. Rymax will become an extension of your team, provide great value, and help your organization succeed.

Managed Services Include

  • Backup – Disaster Recovery
    • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
    • Acronis Cyber Backup
    • Acronis Disaster Recovery
    • Active Ransomware Protection
    • Synology C3
  • Antivirus - Antimalware – Endpoint Protection
    • Symantec Enterprise Security Cloud
    • Symantec Endpoint Protection
    • Symantec Email Security Cloud
  • Cloud Based Office
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Microsoft 365
    • Azure
  • Compliance Assessment & Management
    • CCPA Compliance
    • OneTrust
  • Cybersecurity Training
    • Wuvavi
  • Document Management
    • eFile Cabinet
  • Virtual Office – Office On The Cloud
    • Microsoft Virtual Machines with HyperV